What will you take care of?

Not only will I pet sit, but I will also do house calls for basic care. I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN. I’m a licensed veterinary tech. I cannot diagnose or prescribe medication.


  • * An additional $10 is added for difficult animals
  • If an animal takes more then 15 mins an additional $5 is added for every 10 minutes after
    • situationally dependent
  • Nail Trims – $10
  • Anal gland expression – $10
  • Bath – $30 up to 50lbs $40 above 50lb
  • Brush – $10 / 15 minutes – I AM NOT A GROOMER- I DO NOT DO FULL GROOMS
  • Sanitary Trim- $10 – additional added for extra matting/feces
  • Medication – $5 / day – $5 a visit for insulin
  • Ear Cleaning / Plucking $10
  • Subcutaneous fluid administration (if prescribed by a vet)
  • COMING SOON- in home glucose checks for your pet!

YOUR PET MAY NOT LET ME DO THESE SERVICES> I shouldn’t have a problem preforming these tasks, however there is a chance that your pet may not allow me to do these things. I have worked with many difficult animals. I charge $10 for JUST the house call within 10 miles of Brockway. After that I charge for the task. I WILL add time charges if it takes longer or if it is a difficult animal. I will only restrain as much as you allow and will not be any more firm with your pet then you want. THAT BEING SAID- some animals do better without their owner and I may ask you to leave the room IF you are comfortable. I am only 1 person and sometimes it isn’t a realistic option for me to do the pet alone. Feel free to call me to discuss what you wish to have done and how your pet may be for it!

Example: Nice/normal nail trim in Brockway is $20.